In contrast to many market-available scrubber products where the scrubbing efficiency is expressed in terms of percent waste gas removal, CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS guarantees absolute outlet concentrations for its Granulate-Based absorbers - typically less than the TLV value for the particular process gas.

CLEANSORB technology is based on dry bed chemisorption at room temperature. Hazardous gas species are converted into stable inorganic solids. The chemisorption reaction between gas and absorbent is irreversible, ensuring that hazardous gases are bound in solid form and cannot be re-released.

Based on decades of experience as the leader in dry chemisorption technology, a wide range of proprietary absorbers are available which have been optimized for the many process gases and liquid precursors used in semiconductor front end manufacturing and in the solar and MEMS industry. Our granulates are subject to rigorous quality control procedures and ongoing R&D work to keep ahead of the industry as new wafer chemistries emerge.

CLEANSORB customers benefit from a comprehensive maintenance package comprising of a unique take-back and disposal service for the spent absorber material. Accordingly, process and facilities engineers need not concern themselves with the handling of hazardous process by-products, and are thereby additionally relieved of a considerable logistics burden.

Exhaust gas scrubber