• Compact Design
  • Max. 4 Sensors
  • Long Life Membrane
  • Common Bus Output
  • Profibus, MODbus or SIMS
  • 4 x 4-20 mA Output
  • Relay Output Optional
  • Integrated Pyrolyzer
Dry Gas Abatement Systems

Gas Sensor - Refillable

  • Refillable
  • Continuous Self Check & Memory
  • Large Capacity Gas Sensor
  • Good Zero Stability & Gas Specific
  • High Sensitivity & Quick Response
  • Linear Output Signal
  • Permits On- and Off-Site Calibration
  • Good Performance in Dry and Humid Environments
Dry Bed Abatement

Observer gas detection equipment is designed and manufacture by Bionics Instrument Europe B.V. ( BIE). BIE was established in 1989 and designs and manufactures a wide range of detectors for the Semiconductor, University, and Research Industries. Bionics Instrument offers suction type (extractive), diffusion type and portable gas detectors.

Since its establishment, BIE Europe and the parent company New Cosmos Electric have produced products based on their unique gas sensor technologies. These products include residential gas alarms, industrial gas detection systems, portable gas detectors, odor sensors, and products applying odor sensors

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