Dry Bed Abatement – Point of Use – Low Gas Flow

Air pollution regulations, employee health concerns, and growing awareness of toxic emissions from semiconductor processes demand increased improvements in exhaust gas conditioning.

The NOVASAFE® Dry Scrubber reduces the hazards associated with flammable, toxic or corrosive gases and vapors.

NOVASAFE® effluent gas scrubbers offer an extremely safe and efficient way to treat toxic and corrosive gases resulting from hazardous processes. This scrubber is a technologically advanced dry chemical scrubber containing approximately 2.5 gallons (9.5 liters) of granulate. The scrubber is suitable for use in production and general laboratory environments. Operating passively at ambient temperature, chemical granulate in the canister react on contact with process gases and by-products, converting them to non-volatile inorganic solids. read more...


Dry Bed Abatement – Production Use – High Gas Flow

The Novapure series offers a safe, efficient and reliable solution for treatment of hazardous process gases and by-products.

This unique system uses chemisorptive granulate technology to treat process gases typically in a sub-atmospheric pressure environment ensuring only inbound flows. Continuous gas monitoring assures total point-of-use gas treatment below TLV levels. In the event of a power outage, the Novapure system will continue to treat the inflows.

The built-in 90% depletion feature provides a warning when the granulate is 90% consumed. The remaining capacity allows the current process to run-to-finish and time to schedule a shutdown for canister replacement.

Chemisorptive technology provides irreversible reactions with process gases and their byproducts, forming non-volatile solids. The spent canister can be easily and safely disposed. read more...

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