Gas Retention Performance* of CLEANSORB Dry Bed Absorbers

Gas or Liquid Precursor SpeciesChemical FormulaOutlet Concentration
AmmoniaNH320 ppm
ArsineAsH30.05 ppm
Bis(cyclopentadienyl)magnesiumMg(C5H5)23 mg/m3 (MgO)
Bis(tert-butylamino)silaneSiH2(NHC4H9)25 ppm (SiH4)
Boron tribromideBBr31 ppm
Boron trichlorideBCl31 ppm
Boron trifluorideBF30.35 ppm
BromineBr20.1 ppm
Carbon monoxideCO30 ppm
ChlorineCl20.5 ppm
Chlorine trifluorideClF30.1 ppm
Chromium hexacarbonylCr(CO)62 mg/m3 (Cr)
DiboraneB2H60.1 ppm
DichlorosilaneSiH2Cl22 ppm (HCl)
Diethyl tellurideTe(C2H5)20.1 mg/m3 (Te)
DiethylamineC4H11N5 ppm
Diethylzinc (DEZn)Zn(C2H5)22 mg/m3 (Zn)
DigermaneGe2H60.2 ppm (GeH4)
Dimethyl dimethoxy silaneSi(CH3)2(OCH3)25 ppm (SiH4)
Dimethyl silaneSiH2(CH3)25 ppm (SiH4)
Dimethyl tellurideTe(CH3)20.1 mg/m3 (Te)
DimethylamineC2H7N2 ppm
DimethylcadmiumCd(CH3)20.01 mg/m3 (Cd)
Dimethylhydrazine (UDMH)N2H2(CH3)20.01 ppm
DimethylzincZn(CH3)22 mg/m3 (Zn)
DisilaneSi2H65 ppm
EthylmethylamineC3H9N2 ppm (dimethylamine)
FluorineF21 ppm
Fluorophosgene / Carbonyl fluorideCOF21 ppm (HF)
FormaldehydeCH2O0.3 ppm
GermaneGeH40.2 ppm
HydrazineN2H40.01 ppm
Hydrogen bromideHBr1 ppm
Hydrogen chlorideHCl2 ppm
Hydrogen fluorideHF1 ppm
Hydrogen selenideH2Se0.015 ppm
Hydrogen sulfideH2S5 ppm
IodineI20.1 ppm
MethyltrichlorosilaneCH3SiCl32 ppm (HCl)
Monomethyl silaneSiH3CH35 ppm (SiH4)
Nitric oxideNO25 ppm
Nitrogen dioxideN2O4 (NO2)3 ppm
Pentakis(dimethylamino)tantalum (PDMATa)Ta(N(CH3)2)52 ppm (dimethylamine)
PhosgeneCOCl20.02 ppm
PhosphinePH30.1 ppm
Phosphorus pentachloridePCl51 mg/m3
Phosphorus tribromidePBr30.5 ppm
Phosphorus trichloridePCl30.5 ppm
Phosphorus TrifluoridePF33 ppm
PhosphorylchloridePOCl30.2 ppm
RuthenoceneC10H10Ru20 mg/m3 (Ru)
SilaneSiH45 ppm
StibineSbH30.1 ppm
Sulfur dioxideSO20.5 ppm
Tantalum ethoxideTa(OC2H5)520 mg/m3 (Ta2O5)
Tantalum pentachlorideTaCl52 ppm (HCl)
Tantalum pentafluorideTaF51 ppm (HF)
Tellurium hexafluorideTeF60.02 ppm
Tertiarybutylarsine (TBAs)AsH2(C4H9)0.01 mg/m3 (As)
Tertiarybutylphosphine (TBP)PH2(C4H9)0.1 ppm (PH3)
TetrabromomethaneCBr41 ppm (HBr)
TetracarbonylnickelNi(CO)40.2 mg/m3 (Ni)
TetrachlorosilaneSiCl42 ppm (HCl)
Tetraethyl orthosilicateSi(OC2H5)410 ppm
TetrafluorosilaneSiF41 ppm (HF)
Tetrakis(dimethylamino)hafnium (TDMAHf)Hf(N(CH3)2)42 ppm (dimethylamine)
Tetrakis(dimethylamino)titanium (TDMATi)Ti(N(CH3)2)42 ppm (dimethylamine)
Tetrakis(dimethylamino)zirconium (TDMAZr)Zr(N(CH3)2)42 ppm (dimethylamine)
Tetrakis(ethylmethylamino)hafnium (TEMAHf)Hf(NC2H5CH3)42 ppm (dimethylamine)
Tetrakis(ethylmethylamino)zirconium (TEMAZr)Zr(NC2H5CH3)42 ppm (dimethylamine)
Titanium tetrachlorideTiCl42 ppm (HCl)
Titanium tetrafluorideTiF41 ppm (HF)
TrichlorosilaneSiHCl32 ppm (HCl)
TriethylaluminumAl(C2H5)32 mg/m3 (Al)
TriethylboraneB(C2H5)30.5 mg/m3 ( H3BO3)
TriethylgalliumGa(C2H5)33 mg/m3 (Ga2O3)
TriethylindiumIn(C2H5)30.1 mg/m3 (In)
TriethylphosphatePO(C2H5O)350 mg/m3
Trimethyl phosphiteC3H9O3P2 ppm
Trimethylaluminum (TMAl)Al(CH3)32 mg/m3 (Al)
TrimethylantimonySb(CH3)30.5 mg/m3 (Sb)
TrimethylboronB(CH3)30.1 ppm
Trimethylgallium (TMGa)Ga(CH3)33 mg/m3 (Ga2O3)
Trimethylindium (TMIn)In(CH3)30.1 mg/m3 (In)
TrisilaneSi3H85 ppm (SiH4)
Tungsten hexacarbonylW(CO)65 mg/m3 (W)
Tungsten hexafluorideWF61 ppm (HF)
Xenon difluorideXeF21 ppm (F2)

* Systems specifications are based on review and approval of the individual process application
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